Natural Garden Pest Control Inspired By Mr. Miyagi

Posted on May 24 2010 - 3:20am by Mike Lieberman

I had my first problems with garden insects a few weeks ago. I wound up wrestling cabbage worms and fighting aphids.

Since then, it got me thinking…What would Mr. Miyagi do when faced with cabbage worms and aphids?

It came to me. Mr. Miyagi would use natural garden pest control, so would I.

I’ve been using chopsticks to pick the cabbage worms off the purple kale and toss them off of my balcony garden. The damage that’s been done is pretty serious. They’ve managed to chew up most of the leaves. The kale is looking pretty weak and beaten up. On a good note, I haven’t seen cabbage worms in a few days.

For the aphids I thought, “Spray on. Spray off.” So I made a homemade organic aphid spray using Dr. Bronner’s soap. I’ve been spraying down the plants once a day with the soap, then spraying it off with some water afterwards.

That’s how Mr. Miyagi inspired for my natural garden pest control.