How to Support Growing Cherry Tomatoes

Posted on Jul 17 2009 - 3:33am by Mike Lieberman

After two months, the cherry tomato container on my fire escape is starting to produce fruit and was starting to get a bit wild.


I needed to keep it in check and set up some kind of support for them. The following materials were used to do so – tree branches, string and tire wire.

Three tree branches were attached to the fire escape (so that people can still grab the railing in case of emergency) using the tire wire and one was staked in the middle to support the entire plant.

Then I tied string to the branches and wound up forming a spider web of sorts. The tomatoes and flowers were, ever so gently, placed over the string to support the weight.

It doesn’t look very pretty, but I am going for functionality and not beauty.

Tools for setting up the support for the cherry tomatoes - tree branches, tire wire and string.Three tree branches were attached to the fire escape railing and one in the middle of the container to support the entire plant.String was then attached to all of the branches and the tomatoes were drapsed over the string to support them.Close up of some tomatoes resting on the string.