Not Guilty. I Did Not Kill My Lettuces.

Posted on Jul 10 2009 - 3:30am by Mike Lieberman

When I last left you, I was wondering whether or not I properly harvested my lettuce. It was a week since I had harvested them and they were looking…dead.

This is my first time checking in since returning and am happy to say that the lettuces are ok and fully growing. It just took a bit longer after harvesting for them to grow again.

There is still some browning towards the bottom, but the growth is there.

I appreciate the comments that were left about lettuce not liking the heat and how to deal with that.I’ll definitely take those into consideration if it ever reaches above say 75 degrees here.

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy and appreciate the fact that I’ll be able to get another salad from my fire escape.