Did I Harvest or Kill My Lettuces?

Posted on Jun 26 2009 - 3:20am by Mike Lieberman

Let me start this post by saying that I’ll be taking off for a week and a half. Going on a camping trip to the Grand Canyon and Utah. Try not to miss me too much. Now on to the post…

Last week, I harvested my lettuce for the first time and was pretty happy. This week, I might be able to substitute the word “kill” for “harvest”.

I think I clipped them too close to the roots and killed them. Dead. Done. No more life.

Lettuces one week after harvest and they don't appear to be lively.I had to add a support for tomato plant by recycling a mirror frame that I found on the street.Pepper is starting to flower.Lettuces one week after harvesting. Looks like they could use some CPR.

On a good note, I didn’t kill the tomato plant. It actually started to flower and get top heavy, so I need to give it some support. I wasn’t going to pay for anything, so I hit the streets and found a mirror and broke the frame off. It’s providing the perfect support.

The pepper plants are also starting to flower as well. They aren’t nearly as large as the tomato plant and don’t need a support.

Back to me killing…I mean harvesting the lettuce. At this point, I think it can be that it takes longer for the leaves to regrow or I actually did kill them.

What will the outcome be? You’ll just have to check back to find out (they only wish they could script stuff like this for TV).


PS – Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 4th of July. Did you think I was going to say have a miserable one?