Ready To Build Your Urban Garden? How To Grow Healthy Plants Indoors

Posted on Aug 17 2020 - 5:45am by UOG

A survey by the Royal Horticultural Society found that 80% of millennials own a houseplant of some sort. But did you know that caring for indoor plants also comes with its share of benefits? Besides improving our well-being by boosting moods and concentration, indoor plants are beneficial to our home. Growing plants indoors, especially edibles, eliminates the need to package and transport produce. As a result, there is minimal waste created and reduced carbon emissions.

Indoor gardening also makes it easier to control pests and diseases without the use of chemical-based herbicides and pesticides. And as water shortages threaten the future of agriculture, cultivating indoor plants can boost sustainability. If you have been looking to create a more sustainable garden, here are tips on how to grow healthy indoor plants.


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