Bus Stops in the Netherlands are Covered in Flowers to Give Bees a Chance

Posted on Jul 13 2019 - 6:53pm by UOG

The Dutch have a progressive way of thinking and acting that can stand as a model for many countries. Remember how long cannabis has been decriminalized there? They also have outstanding prenatal and postpartum care (with the view that birth is a natural occurrence, not a medical emergency) with 16 weeks paid maternity leave and 6 weeks paid paternity leave. Now the city of Utrecht is doing something else: the 316 bus stops throughout the city have been transformed. All the city’s bus stops have been covered in sedum (succulent) plants. The rooftops not only help to support the dwindling pollinator populations, but they also improve air quality by trapping fine dust particulates, store rainwater and provide a cool environment in the summertime.

Another way Utrecht is moving to improve air quality for its residents is by transitioning to an entirely electric bus fleet by 2028, with electricity sourced from Dutch windmills.


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