Israeli Brings Urban Gardening to Harlem Kids

Posted on Jul 11 2016 - 7:20pm by UOG

SeedStreet_2CreditNickSmithA new urban farm has sprouted up in Harlem “the northern Manhattan neighborhood synonymous with New York City’s African-American culture”.  A woman with strong hometown roots in Israel, had the goal to supply her community with organic and locally grown produce.

Children from her community are now planting hydroponic vegetable gardens inside of repurposed, old shipping containers.

“Israel was out of necessity forced to innovate agriculturally and generate its own food sources, and became a leader in agriculture innovation,” she says. “As a result, it has a much more natural cohesive ecosystem and way of being. People are already eating directly from the farm. That’s really beautiful, but it makes hydroponic farming a more difficult market to penetrate in the mainstream.”

Growing hydroponically requires about 90 percent less water, takes up less space, and can produce more than growing in tradition soil.

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