Mid-July Is a Superb Time to Plant Late-Season Tomatoes

Posted on Jul 10 2016 - 6:12pm by UOG

B9322895571Z.1_20160709174230_000_GR0ETRUR4.1-0Craving fresh, homegrown tomatoes but maybe you didn’t have a chance to plant some earlier this year? Not a problem! By choosing the right variety of late-season tomato, you can be slicing into a homegrown heirloom tomato sometime this October.

“When growing late-season tomatoes, I encourage gardeners to consider using a fungicide to prevent blight. Both early blight and late blight are a serious problem with tomatoes grown in humid conditions (late summer). I always try to grow tomatoes without chemical application, but with late season tomatoes, a fungicide is often necessary. Using a general fungicide from either Ortho or Dragon will help prevent this devastating vegetable disease. Follow label directions for best results.

If transplanted no later than the third week of July, you should do well growing late season tomatoes. Fruiting will begin in mid-September. With a modest effort at frost protection, late-season tomato plants will provide an abundant crop until the first hard freeze this fall.”

To learn about their Top 4 Recommended “Late-Season” Varieties, visit: “NewsLeader.com

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