Meet Mike, a 4 Year Old Gardener Living in our Nations “Farm to Fork Capital”!

Posted on Jul 12 2016 - 7:41pm by UOG

4_934eda82-4e8c-452e-a422-5ad93338ffbbGardening is so easy, a 4 year old can do it! If you’re looking for an inspirational Instagram account to begin following, we highly suggest visiting @mikes_homegarden! This charming little boy will inspire you to garden like you’ve never gardened before.  Below you can read our interview with Mike’s Mommy, who kindly gave us an in-depth look at this adorable pint-sized gardener.

What made you want to start documenting Mike’s home garden? What sparked his interest AND yours to start growing your own food? We’ve been fans of homesteading for a while, and right now we are working with what we have to come as close as we can to it. With a backyard of about 800sqft in a urban area we have managed to grow food for two years now, and we absolutely love it. We come from families that know what it means to work with the soil and grow food, and we wanted Mikey, our son, to learn where food comes from and appreciate all the hard work and dedication put into farming/gardening in order for people to eat good food.

Read the entire interview at: “

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