3 Simple Ways to Use Mint From Your Garden

Posted on Sep 19 2012 - 1:09am by Mike Lieberman

Mint is a weed…

…that means it grows like crazy and should be kept in a container.

If you are growing mint, you likely have more that you know what to do with. You can easily harvest it to encourage more growth too.

There are lots of posts out there that give you dozens of ways that you can use mint. How many of them can you actually use everyday though?

How to use mint from your garden…everyday

That’s why I wanted to write this simple and practical post for you.

Let’s begin. Here they are:

Hot tea

This is a simple one. Put some mint leaves in a mug. Boil up some water. Pour the water over the mint leaves and let it sit for a few minutes. That’s it.

Mint tea is good for upset stomachs and helps with digestion.

Spa water

We should all be drinking more water. It’s essential for our health and well-being.

Some people complain that drinking water is too bland and boring.

You can add some flavor to it pretty easily. This is slight variation of the tea. All you have to do is fill up a large pitcher with water and add in mint leaves.

It will give the water a minty flavor.

Chewing gum alternative

Face it, your breath stinks. I can smell it through my computer.

So why not pull off some mint leaves and chew on them. It’ll help to freshen your breath and help you to make more friends.

Your turn

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