5 Things I Learned About Gardening in 2011

Posted on Dec 6 2011 - 2:31am by Mike Lieberman

It’s December that means it’s time to start breaking out the “2011” lists.

Here are five things that I learned about gardening in 2011.

Getting a Better Yield in Your Container Garden

  • One way to achieve this is through succession planting. That is when you space out your plantings, so as you are harvesting one crop another is growing right behind it.
  • After your seedlings start to grow, you’ll want to thin them out. This will give them room to grow and allow the strong ones to survive.

Organic Doesn’t Mean It’s Great

  • The best example of this is Miracle-Gro and their Organic Choice line. Yes it is organic, but it’s still Miracle-Gro who is partnered with Monsanto.
  • Since I live in a city there are things that I cannot control. One thing is the construction that is going on in my neighborhood. It is likely kicking up all kinds of dirt and toxins into the air, but that doesn’t make my garden any less organic.

Seed Saving

  • I saved seeds for the first time this year. I saved lettuce and parsley. Will get those planted in 2012.

Growing Your Own Food is a Political Act

  • This was one of the more controversial topics when mentioned. By growing my own food and inspiring others too, I see myself as a food activist. It touches on environmental, political, health and a variety of other subjects that most people don’t associate it with.
  • Talking about Michelle Obama and the White House Garden was a topic that pissed a handful of people off and resulted in people no longer reading my site, connecting with me on social media channels, as well as some hateful emails. I see her as a front to distract people from what her husband is doing.

Failure Will Happen

Those are some things that I learned about gardening in 2011, what did you learn?