Does Local Environment Affect Your Organic Garden?

Posted on Jul 27 2011 - 2:47am by Mike Lieberman

There was a discussion on my Facebook profile about how there is so much out of our control that we can’t truly be healthy and maintain an organic lifestyle.

That got me thinking about my balcony garden and how organic it really is. My block right now is a freakin circus and a mess. My street is being dug up and repaved and on the other side there is new construction going on.

There is lots of who knows what that is being tossed into the air, machinery and fuel that’s being burned in a close proximity to me and the fumes from the tar…need I say more?

These are all factors that I can’t really control though. I can control them, but I think the construction workers would win out if I attempted to stop them.

I can’t worry about that though. This is why to me organic means much more than just a label and certification. It doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t continue to grow my own food and it shouldn’t be a reason why you don’t either. It’s just another excuse.

I know what I’m putting in my containers and am doing my best given the circumstances that I’m facing.

What’s going on in your environment that might not be considered so organic to your garden?