Are the White House Garden and Michelle Obama Just Smoke and Mirrors?

Posted on Mar 23 2011 - 2:36am by Mike Lieberman

When President Obama was campaigning in 2008, there was all this promise of “change”. That was the rallying cry “change.” Everyone jumped on board and was happy when he was voted in.

One of the first things that happened when he moved into office was his wife, Michelle, became the poster child for healthy living, especially for kids, with her Let’s Move program.

She also received and continues to receive a lot of press coverage from traditional media about the organic garden in the White House that she had created. She recently planted the third garden. Now she is coming out with a book on healthy food. It’s exactly what I want – a woman who joins forces with Walmart to tell me about healthy eating.

I mean this is awesome. We have a first lady that is promoting healthy living and organic gardening to the nation. Doesn’t get better than that does it?

At face value this might seem like the change that we were hoping for, but take a look at what her husband is doing such as appointing former Monsanto Executive Michael Taylor to the Food Czar role in the FDA and possibly being behind the push of GMO alfalfa.

So this gets me thinking.

Is she doing this because she believes in it?

Or is she doing it as a distraction while her husband does the dirty work behind the scenes and continues to undermine the American people and our food choices?

Every time she has one of these events based on the garden, traditional media outlets eat the shit up, but shy away from what her husband is doing.

She flashes her smile, takes a few pictures with some kids and a garden bed on the White House lawn and the world is a better place. To me it wreaks of a public relations cover-up and a photo-op. We need to look beyond the photo and look at what’s really happening to our food system and not be lulled by what she’s doing.

I don’t want to hear the she is an independent woman and can have varying views from her husband reason either. The opposing viewpoints of organic and GMO are like a Jew and a Nazi being partners.

Am I being a cynic by thinking this? Should we be happy that she is promoting organic gardening and healthy living? Or should we be outraged that she’s providing a decoy for her husband?


Photo courtesy of USDAGov