6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

Posted on Apr 20 2011 - 2:12am by Mike Lieberman

Earth Day is coming up this Friday and every company is jumping on the Earth Day bandwagon. They are doing “ABC in honor of Earth day” or “XYZ to celebrate Earth Day.” It’s all a bunch of BS and greenwashing.

I mean it’s great that people are acknowledging it, but unless true habits form, it’s all for naught and just another way for companies to sell you crap that you don’t truly need.

So in honor of Earth Day here on Urban Organic Gardener, I want to share with you “6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday” because that’s when the Earth should be celebrated.

  1. Consciously Eating Who gives a damned about the difference between being a vegan and omnivore. Let’s unite against something that we can all agree is wrong and that’s factory farming.
  2. Conscious Consuming. This goes hand in hand with conscious eating, but let’s be conscious consumers as well and know how our purchases effect not only the environment, but other human beings as well. For instance, did you know that the exploitation of women goes on in a large amount of farm fields? Know how your purchases are supporting such practices and vote with your dollar.
  3. Give Thanks for Your Food. This is something that’s usually reserved just for Thanksgiving. It should be something that’s done on a daily basis. Thanks should be given to the workers who grew, produced, tended to and harvested the ingredients that make up our meals. Even if it’s just a quick, “thanks to everyone that helped get this meal to my plate.” Slow down and show some appreciation.
  4. Support the Locals. This is important especially with the rising food prices. It will help to keep money and jobs in the community. This also helps to cut out the middleman and costs that go into shipping of products.
  5. Avoid Using Additional Plastic in the Kitchen. Instead use or reuse glassware. This will not only help the environment, but will be good for your health as well.
  6. Grow Your Own Food You don’t have to have a huge garden or lots of space. Growing one herb or vegetable will make a difference for you and for the environment.

What are other ways that you can celebrate Earth Day everyday?