Hydroculture Contest Winner

Posted on Nov 8 2010 - 3:55am by Mike Lieberman

There were a total of 13 comments left to enter the hydroculture contest.

To select a winner, I used Random.org to randomly select a number between 1-13. The number generated was…7.

Counting from the top, the seventh comment was from Risa whose comment was, “Hey (PCOStherealdeal here)Been following your channel on YT since before you made the big move and I love watching your channel grow and change. Iv got a small jerry riged system half way put together with optional fish and tank it actually really could be cool. I plan on growing cherry tomato’s, and a few other types of herbs and veggies maybe some cucumber’s in the grow tray. My last attempt killed off the fish because of the pete moss. Any way’s here’s my comment. -crossing fingers- (BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE the give away idea!)”

Congrats to Risa and thanks to all of those that left a comment to enter. Be on the lookout for another contest soon.