Organic Isn’t a Splurge, It’s My Healthcare

Posted on Oct 6 2010 - 3:38am by Mike Lieberman

There was a post on called Organic produce – when is the splurge worth it?

The title in and of itself is ridiculous that to consider buying unsprayed produce that hasn’t been treated with any chemicals as being a splurge. It shows how disconnected we have become from associating real food with health.

A licensed dietician, Sonia Angel, reported that organic produce isn’t significantly more nutritious than conventionally grown produce. She does say that organic is safer because it’s pesticide free.

I don’t care about reports, studies or tests. You can make the number tell whatever story you want.

Personally I don’t want to chug and put chemicals into my body, which is what conventionally grown produce is littered with. There is no way that it could be good for anybody or for the land that it’s being grown in.

The fact that one would even consider non-sprayed produce to be a splurge is telling of the the times that we currently live in. We see health as coming from pills or a bottle and not from the food, which we put into our bodies.

You know what a splurge is? A splurge is the car you are driving. A splurge is the huge TV that you watch. A splurge is getting your nails done. A splurge is not providing yourself with the best quality food that you can get your hands on or growing on your own.

For me buying organic isn’t a splurge. Buying organic is party of my healthcare.

What are your thoughts on splurging on organic produce?