There is More to Gardening That Just the Harvest

Posted on Sep 29 2010 - 3:51am by Mike Lieberman

Maria Rodale recently wrote post on her Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen blog titled A Harvest of Healing.

It was a beautifully written post about how there is more to gardening than just the harvest. The harvest is great, but it’s not everything.

The one quote from the post that stuck with me was:

With gardening, we harvest more than food and flowers; we harvest health and healing.

She goes on to talk about the physical aspects that are involved in gardening – weeding, planting, carrying water, shoveling. So gardening helps to build you up physically and keeps your body moving.

On my balcony garden, I definitely don’t get that kind of exercise, but my fire escape garden did prove to be an adventure sport.

Though for me there are some physical aspects in involved in moving the containers and carrying the water.

Maria continues and talks about the food and nutritional value of gardening. Since you are growing your own food, you are fully aware of what’s going into it and can make those decisions.

She also talks about the spiritual aspect of it, which I think gets lost on a lot of people. I believe there is something to be said about putting your hands in soil, planting something, nurturing it and watching it grow. We become more connected with the earth and nature that way.

For me it started out as I just want to grow my own food, but it has turned into more than that. Especially on the spiritual tip. I feel more connected and appreciative for the food that I grow and for any food that I consume.

This is why that I say that I believe that people should grow just one vegetable and it will change the way they think.

What else is gardening to you?