Contest Winner of 6 Packets of Botanical Interests Seeds

Posted on Jul 26 2010 - 3:40am by Mike Lieberman

Thanks to everyone who submitted a comment to enter for a chance to win 6 packets of seeds courtesy of Botanical Interests.

There were 61 comments submitted.

To select the winner, I used to randomly select a number between 1-61. The number generated was 21.

Counting from the top the 21st comment was from….Snow. Not sure if it’s the 90s white reggae artist from Toronto because if it is that would be awesome.

The comment that Snow left was , “I love my urban veggie and herb container garden! I encourage everyone to do it too. I have not planned anything for fall and look forward to your posts for ideas and tips. Thanks much! ”

Word. I’m with you Snow, I think people should grow some of their own food too.

Thanks again to Botanical Interests, everyone that participated and congrats to Snow.

Stay tuned for another contest coming next month.