Don’t Start An Outdoor Compost Bin Mid-Winter

Posted on Mar 19 2010 - 5:53am by Mike Lieberman

I learned another lesson when making an outdoor compost bin – don’t start it in the middle of the winter.

Yea that seems to be pretty obvious and common sense now, but it wasn’t two months ago when I started. Due to the freezing weather, I haven’t been able to turn the compost at all because, well, it’s been frozen. That makes it kind of hard to turn.

Now that I’m moving out to LA, I’ll need to get rid of this compost. I’ll likely just dump it on the garden beds like I did the rest of the soil.

Looking back on the gardening mistakes that I’ve made, they all seem to be common sense. It’s good that I’ve made them though as it’s part of the learning process.