Breaking Down the Self-Watering Containers in Brooklyn

Posted on Jan 11 2010 - 5:13am by Mike Lieberman

Since my backyard vegetable garden died, I needed to clean it up as the first step for getting ready for the spring season.

The first step was to breakdown the self-watering containers. Here is how I did that in my Brooklyn garden:

  • Tilted the container so that the water drained out of the drainage hole. I leaned the container up against a fence for a few minutes.
  • Laid a sheet on the floor to capture the soil.
  • Cut the remaining plant down at the soil line and put into the compost.
  • Turned the container on it’s side and gently shook out the remaining soil.
  • Broke up all the roots and clumps of soil.
  • These steps might seem easy, but it resulted in a mess. I’m likely going to change the way that I made them to make the breakdown easier.

    If you were just going to dump everything or making them for one time usage, it wouldn’t be a problem. I am composting the contents and reusing the soil, so that made it much more difficult and messy.

    The water and wet soil was getting everywhere and made for an unpleasant cold and windy day.

    Do you think there would’ve been an easier way for me to break these down?