Final Fall Planting on my Fire Escape Garden

Posted on Oct 7 2009 - 4:30am by Mike Lieberman

On one side there are four soda bottles and one coffee container planter.The other side has six hanging planters made out of soda bottles.Also have lettuce planted in a Dr. Bronner's container.The self watering containers and hanging soda bottle planters.

Now I got my final fall planting done on my fire escape garden. I had a bunch of lettuce leftover from my fall planting in my backyard vegetable garden. Didn’t have much room for any more self watering containers, so I made more hanging planters.

This time I used soda bottles, a Dr. Bronner’s gallon container and a coffee container.

I have a lot more space on the fire escape than I originally thought. This is definitely good to know for next spring. It’s all part of the learning process, and I see the garden much differently now than I did back in May.

All said and done I have three self watering containers, 10 soda bottle planters, 1 Dr. Bronner’s planter and a coffer container planter.

The next step is to figure out how to extend the lives of these as the weather gets colder.