Don’t Forget About Feeding Your Plants

Posted on Oct 30 2009 - 4:30am by Mike Lieberman

Now that I’m over six months deep into this gardening game ‘m starting to notice a pattern in some of my plants. There is something wrong with their growth.

The cauliflower has yet to head and the cucumber leaves are yellowing. Now my spinach plants are starting to show some ill effects as well. They are getting some brownish dots on their leaves.

The one commonality between all of these plants is that I did not feed any of them. After I finished my initial planting with soil and compost, I never added more compost and nutrients.

Looking back on the containers, I’ve also come to realize that all of their soil lines were much lower than they initially were as well.

This leads me to believe that lack of nutrients is definitely a contributing factor to these symptoms. The cauliflower is the only plant that hasn’t yielded anything, so it’s not all bad, but just another lesson learned for me in this here gardening thing.

An important lesson learned – don’t forget about feeding your plants. Does this seem right to you?