Advice for Planting Celery in Self Watering Containers

Posted on Sep 25 2009 - 5:30am by Mike Lieberman

Learned my first lesson about planting celery during my first harvest. It’s definitely best to plant a celery plant per container.

When I first planted the celery in my backyard vegetable garden, I planted in two containers. The first container had one plant in it and the second had several.

I harvested them the other day and it’s apparent that celery plants like to be on their own. The one that was solo was much thicker and deeper color. The celery that was packed in was, um, pathetic. Ok, not pathetic just inferior.

You know what? That’s what this is all about for me. Doing, seeing the results and improving for the next time.

The other thing that I learned about celery is that harvesting it is a challenge. At least harvesting it out of the container was.

Check out this video to see what I’m talking about as I struggle getting the celery out of the container.