Planting Kale and Chard Because My Lettuce Died

Posted on Aug 7 2009 - 2:30am by Mike Lieberman

I planted some kale and swiss chard out on my fire escape because there is no doubt that my lettuce died and weren’t growing any more.

Before I planted the kale and chard, I had to prepare the soil in the self watering container first. The dead remains of the lettuce were removed and some of my indoor compost was added to the soil and mixed in.

Even though I only bought one cell of each, there were many plants in the cells. There were about 3-4 plants in each. I separated them out, but still bunched them together when planting.

There’s still a bit more room in the container, so next week I might buy some more kale and chard or lettuces to put in the container as well.