Allow for Drainage in Your Self Watering Containers

Posted on Aug 5 2009 - 3:00am by Mike Lieberman

I learned a valuable lesson in gardening (and life) this week, it doesn’t pay to be lazy.

A few weeks ago, I transferred my celery into a new self watering container and didn’t poke a hole to allow for water drainage.

Sure enough with all of the rain that we’ve been getting here, the bucket became nearly submerged under water. The celery was getting water logged and starting to die off. Celery drinks a lot of water, but not that much.

I had to poke a drainage hole in the container to allow the water to drain out and remove the dead ribs. I’m hoping that I caught this early enough and am able to prolong the life of them.

In this video, I show the water in the container and how I poke the hole to drain. My grandmother also tries to make her way on camera (again), but I cut her off. Gotta keep her ego in check 🙂