Video: Turning the Compost

Posted on May 5 2009 - 12:49pm by Mike Lieberman

It’s been a about a week since the last layer of food scraps were added to my < a href="/category/composting/indoor/">indoor compost bin, so I figured it was time to give it a turn.

To turn it I use a broomstick to poke around and loosen everything up, then I take a small shovel to mix it. It’s been taking me about 10 minutes each time I turn it.


It’s pretty full at this point. The last batch that I put on was a lot on top of what was already there, but no smell and nothing seems to be going wrong. It just takes a while to turn it because there isn’t much space and everything is packed in there pretty tightly. It’s a lot of poking, then turning, poking and turning – a bit of work, but didn’t get me out of breath like cutting the pipe.

I’ve been turning it about once week. This week no new food was added because it was a bit damp. After it was turned a new layer of browns (newspaper and potting mix) were added.

Hoping it’s going to be ready soon because I plan on getting things growing soon.