City Farming On Rise As COVID-19 Makes People Rethink How They Source Their Food

Posted on Oct 26 2020 - 8:22pm by UOG

Urban farmer Rachel Rubenstein on a farm in East Brunswick, not far from the Melbourne CBD.(ABC Regional: Marty McCarthy)

ABC.NET.AU – Urban farmer Rachel Rubenstein thinks the coronavirus pandemic, which has shut down major cities, state, and international borders, is a chance to rethink where we get our food from.

Local car parks, median strips and rooftops, golf courses, and even public parks — they’re just some of the ideas she and her city farming friends are throwing around as potential places to grow food.

“I think that having food grown close to home is super important because we have seen a lack of access to fresh food with the bushfires and then COVID,” Ms Rubenstein said.


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