Gardening at Badger Rock lets students earn money, socialize during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted on Sep 21 2020 - 7:40am by UOG

ANDY MANIS, FOR THE STATE JOURNAL – Gardens are a source of income and a social oasis for high school students this fall.

“I was looking for a job that would be part-time and would be safe during the pandemic, so I wanted to work somewhere outside and I’ve always loved gardens,” said Evfrosiniia “Frosya” Mozhaeva, a sophomore at West High School.

She said she enjoys working with others in the gardens at Badger Rock Neighborhood Center, and it feels safe partly because the number of people working at one time is limited.

Sophomore Malik McDonald said he was drawn to a jo at the garden because a friend is also working there, it is something to do during the pandemic and he lives nearby.


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