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Posted on Apr 15 2020 - 6:38pm by UOG

Industrial agriculture is turning our farmland into dead soil at an alarming rate. The Need To GROW is a film about SOLUTIONS for healing our broken food system.

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The UN estimates we have fewer than 60 years of farmable soil left on Earth. And many people are concerned that governments and “Big Ag” want to control what we eat. It’s as if our human right to eat safe food is under attack by industrial agriculture, pesticide and GMO manufacturers. “Agriculture is the most destructive human activity on the planet.” – Rosario Dawson (From “The Need To GROW” movie)

“Industrial agriculture is first and foremost a war against the earth because it’s a war against all species. Since you’re bringing war chemicals into the production of food and all they’re doing is killing.”
– Vandana Shiva, PhD

Something must be done. Which is why we spent the last 5 years making our film “The Need To GROW.” The Need to GROW is a story about real-world SOLUTIONS.

The Need To GROW follows three renegade leaders as they fight to heal our broken food system and protect new technology that holds the key to feeding the planet and reversing the damage caused by industrial agriculture.

✳️ An urban farmer struggles to keep his land after he pioneers a way to grow organic, nutrient-dense produce at warp speed ANYWHERE

(Imagine paved parking lots sprouting acres of huge, healthy, micronutrient-rich, organic veggies)

✳️ An 8-year-old girl scout challenges the ethics of a beloved organization in her quest to raise awareness and make healthy food available to everyone.

✳️ And a visionary inventor builds a machine that takes waste and turns it into a natural substance that can reclaim and regenerate dead soil. (Doing in days what takes nature 400 years!)

Watch the movie, learn about the solutions, spread the word and join us in making a difference:

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