Growing Food Security In The North

Posted on Nov 10 2019 - 9:51am by UOG

Setting up a garden in a cold climate zone is not that easy. Plants need sunlight and warmth in order to grow, so living in a cold area means you need to make an effort to have a healthy garden. Or you can just follow in the footsteps of this Yukon inventor, who created an off-the-grid greenhouse named Agridome. With the help of this invention, you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, even if you live in a cold area with endless winter. The Agridome is the invention of Glenn Scott with Yukon College’s Cold Climate Innovation and what he created is an energy-efficient vertical garden.

“Food security is an important issue in the North and we are committed to supporting innovative and affordable technologies to grow our food”, said Stephen Mooney, Director, Cold Climate Innovation, Yukon Research Centre. “The Agridome is like none other and we look forward to working with AgriArctic to develop a product that works for Northerners with the potential of commercialization”, said Mooney.


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