At Passage Home, the road out of poverty may start on an urban garden path.

Posted on Aug 27 2019 - 11:55am by UOG

In the Bible, planting is a metaphor for faith, pruning is a response to disobedience and the harvest is a blessing to be shared.

Those and other lessons come to life in the half-acre gardens of Passage Home, an East Raleigh faith-based nonprofit that helps its clients break out of poverty. Working in the community gardens is one of several job-training opportunities the agency offers; there are others in the construction and hospitality trades.

Like other job training, gardening values reliability, coming to work on time and staying on task. It also requires a certain toughness when the weather is especially cold or, as it has been this July, sweltering hot. Groups of four to five clients work in the garden at a time on an eight-week cycle.

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