It might be time to let your garden grow wild

Posted on Apr 15 2019 - 7:42am by UOG

Think of a formal yard or garden, and you likely envision rows of neatly trimmed bushes along with meandering walkways and sitting areas. Homeowners spend a ton of money, time and resources in an attempt to recreate that image. But another equally beautiful option for your home is a wild garden.

What is a wild garden?

A wild garden can carry a variety of definitions. For some, it means limiting the amount you tame your plants, letting them become what others might define as overgrown and unsightly. Others might associate wild with the types of plants you choose for your space. If you think about your walks in the fields or forests where Mother Nature is the only landscaper, plants are “overgrown and unsightly” around every corner. So, it might be time to change your definition of what makes a desirable garden space. The idea of a wild garden is to create a more naturally flowing space with less rigid lines and rules.


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