7 Trends That Will Define Gardening in 2019

Posted on Jan 21 2019 - 7:20am by UOG

Americans are gardening in record numbers but what are they most interested in this year?

Here are highlights of the seven top 2019 trends in gardening:

• The Slow Garden Movement: The same trends that millennials are driving across consumer brands — transparency, sustainability, hand-crafted, experiential, and authenticity — are showing up in gardens and garden centers nationwide.
• Architecture Rules: Garden designers will use plants with plenty of intriguing, often formal, shapes, forms, textures, and branching habits within otherwise naturalistic gardens, resulting in a delightful yin-yang effect.
• Desperately Seeking Season: With seasonal changes that are less distinct and predictable marked by longer summers and shorter winters, gardens that dramatically, graphically evolve over the seasons are becoming even more prized.
• Do it For Me!: Consumer research has identified a growing segment of “Do It for Me” homeowners who want the beauty and seasonal rhythm of a landscaped space, but may not have the time to make this happen.
• Working Overtime: With home lots getting smaller and less time for gardening, consumers are snapping up one-and-done plants that do double or even triple duty in the landscape.
• One-Stop Garden Shop: Seeking more than the free wifi and caffeine buzz offered at your local coffee shop, consumers are flocking to garden centers for a newer, fresher experience.
• Into the Woods: Cool, mossy, and damp, small space woodland gardens bring a welcome sense of organic zen and a respite from digital overload, especially in dense urban areas where they can help to mitigate the effects of pollution.

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