RICHMOND, VA – “Toxic Air in Urban Veggie Gardens”

Posted on Sep 9 2018 - 10:53am by UOG

“Many city dwellers take nutrition matters into their own hands through Urban gardening. But is urban air good for our garden veggies? Of course, water, air and soil are key foundations of plant life. But what happens when metals in the form of gases and particulate matters are added ingredients? Ahkinyala Cobb-Abdullah, PhD would like to explore that topic with you over a sip of some sort at the next Science Pub RVA: Toxic Air in Urban Veggie Gardens. How is this subject studied and what does the research tell us? Learn about the interactions of urban air, plants, and the impact on the produce on our plates while hanging out with other curious minds on Monday, September 17th at The Hof.

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