Fall is time to convert to no-till gardening

Posted on Sep 9 2018 - 11:04am by UOG

“I often hear from vegetable or flower gardeners who are unhappy with their soil quality. They routinely incorporate organic matter in the soil each fall, but are still disappointed with their heavy soil. Why aren’t they developing beautiful crumbly dark brown soil that’s easy to plant and great for vegetable root crops?

Routinely tilling your garden soil each fall and spring could be the culprit.

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service encourages building soil health and protecting soil organisms, through:

• keeping the soil covered as much as possible

• disturbing soil as little as possible

• keeping plants growing throughout the year to feed the soil, and

• diversifying plant material through crop rotation.

Learn more about converting to a “NO-TILL” garden at: “JournalStar.com”

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