Best ‘Secret’ Urban Gardens Around the World

Posted on Jul 5 2018 - 8:41am by UOG

The contrast between the cityscape and the greenery is often striking. Pictured here: Oranjezicht City Farm, Cape Town, South Africa. – Courtesy Coco VanOppens Photo/

“(CNN) — From derelict train tracks turned scenic walkways, to rooftop treasures atop train stations, sometimes the best bits of cities are the bits that don’t feel like cities at all.

Urban centers might be 24-hour hubs of activity, but often you just need some green space in the concrete jungle.
“One of the things I always like when I go traveling or go to new cities is trying to find a little place to get away from it all, a little bit of a retreat, a bit of a haven,” says Dr. Toby Musgrave, an eminent garden expert based in Denmark.

Musgrave has compiled some of his favorite gardens into a new book, “Green Escapes,” published by Phaidon: It’s an encyclopedia of green oases found in cities across the globe.”

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