Strange Ways To Use 30 Most Common Household Things In Your Garden!

Posted on Apr 21 2018 - 8:41am by UOG

Learn 30 Things That Can Make Your Garden Better!

1. Cardboard and Newspapers

Must you have cardboards and newspapers? Do you know you can use them in your garden? From putting them into the compost to suppressing weeds or this DIY newspaper seed starter, there are many ways. Find out more cardboard uses here!

2. Wine Bottles

From creating a water fountain to bird feeder to self-watering pots, there are not just 3 or 4 uses; your old wine bottles can be used to complete these 26 DIY projects listed here

3. Pennies

Have pennies? Use them to control tomato blight. Also, drop a penny into the vase as it’s made of copper, which is a known fungicide (especially the older one, made before 1982) and helps in keeping your cut flowers fresh or you can create a penny birdhouse!

4. Aspirin

Have aspirin tablets? Use them in your garden–fight fungal diseases, propagate plants from cuttings successfully and quickly, and improve the productivity of your fruit trees. Check out the science behind these claims in this article.

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