UK Gardener Grows Giant Organic Vegetables for Garden Shows

Posted on Jan 14 2018 - 6:10pm by UOG


“Today I lifted my giant onions which have been growing for almost a year. They have been grown hydroponically in an RTA air-pot dripper system. There are a couple of things which I could have changed which could have altered the end result.”



“Down on the allotment in the polytunnel I lifted my giant pot leeks for exhibition/show. This show requires 3 pot leeks 6 inches to a tight button. in this video I show you how I lift and wash my leeks in preparation for show. This was the second show (ever) that I had benched/ exhibited my leeks at and I managed to scoop first place in style by smashing the record and showing 512cc for three leeks. The purpose of growing these leeks is for exhibition but they are also edible and taste good. They are not genetically modified nor are they pumped with chemicals.”


“Here’s how I prepare sand boxes to grow my exhibition stump root carrots.”




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