Judge Rules Government Can Ban Vegetable Gardens Because They’re ‘Ugly’ ( UPDATE!!! )

Posted on Aug 28 2017 - 6:54am by UOG


It may come as a surprise to most of the people who grow vegetable in their garden, that in the US, it is illegal! At least, that’s what a case in Miami has brought to public light. Bear in mind that we are talking about the front yard, which in the view of the State, represented by attorney Richard Sarafan in the above-mentioned case, is in the legitimate purpose of the government to make it aesthetically pleasing. In other words, your front yard is subject to government guidelines, just as the front of your home is. And there is no `fundamental right to grow vegetables in your front yard`. So if you are planning to grow your own vegetable plant, organic or otherwise, make sure you do it in the backyard. You will not be bothered by the government and you can plant them in any fashion and style you desire.

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