Couple Spends 20 Years Building A Self-Sustaining, Floating Island To Live Off The Grid

Posted on Jul 17 2017 - 4:20pm by UOG

Ever wish you could just get away from it all? Meet Catherine King and Wayne Adams, who did just that. Literally. They’ve been living on a homemade, self-sufficient, floating island for the past 24 years.

“The home, which they’ve named “Freedom Cove,” consists of 12 floating platforms that include a dance floor, an art gallery, a guest lighthouse, a studio for Adams and King, and 5 greenhouses. The settlement has half an acre of land for growing edible crops. The couple gets water from a nearby waterfall during the summer and from rainwater during the winter. The settlement had been powered by an array of 14 solar panels, but recently switched to a generator after these broke down.

When they aren’t working on their sustainable lifestyle, they still manage to keep busy; during the summer, visitors come from nearby Tofino to experience the family’s sustainable lifestyle. Adams is also a carver, while King is a painter, dancer, writer, and musician.”

Read more about their story and see a photo gallery, here: “

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