AMAZING “Before & After” Pictures of a Rooftop Urban Garden

Posted on Jul 18 2017 - 4:44am by UOG


“I just started gardening in February and I just wanted to share how container gardening literally transformed my roof deck. Who says you can’t grow food in the big city?” says Julius Barcelona.

He also notes: “We’re five floors up and yes, the wind really is a big problem here. My herbs and leafy veg are okay since they’re low lying plants, but all my other plants like tomatoes and cucumbers are along the western wall so they are protected from the wind while they are small. I’ve put up some trellis net to support the taller plants along the side of the garden. There’s one good thing about the wind though; pests have a harder time establishing since they get whipped around a lot.”

Images via Julius Barcelona, Container Gardening and Vertical Gardening (Facebook Group)

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