Urban Farm In South Dallas Food Desert Hopes To Add Market And Café

Posted on Feb 8 2017 - 6:41am by UOG


“Wright had been to prison and was struggling with a serious drug problem. He says he prayed for a change and a few days later met a man who’d recently started a small community garden. He invited Wright over to check it out.”

“It was a vacant lot right next to his house, and he said he commandeered it. You know, this is the hood, I was like ‘commandeered?’ We never heard of that word. He said it means to take over. Oh, you jacked that vacant lot, ok,” Wright laughs.

Later on, this small garden quickly became a full working farm. They began with 2 lots and now have added several dozen acres just 10 minutes down the road.

“Nothing gives me more pleasure than when I’m giving a tour and I have these little kids run up to me ‘excuse me Mr. Patrick, can I have a collard green, can I have a tomato? They’re going to go pull that collard green right off the plant and eat it raw,” he says.”

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