A D.C. Urban Farm Takes On Urban Problems

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 9:39pm by UOG
Aya Community Market in Northeast Washington, D.C.
On a two-acre plot behind a middle school in the District of Columbia you’ll find tomatoes and okra growing, along with an infrastructure for food entrepreneurs.
“In a ward of the city with just two grocery stores serving more than 70,000 residents, fresh produce is hard to come by. But the Kelly Miller Farm, which will be situated behind a middle school with the same name, aims to offer much more: youth programs, a community garden accessible to seniors, and a commercial kitchen from which area residents can launch food-based businesses.”
“It’s like a food system in a box—in one space, in one community,” says Christopher Bradshaw, executive director of Dreaming Out Loud. The D.C. food justice nonprofit is partnering with the city and a half-dozen other organizations to run the farm in a way that generates revenue while also meeting the community’s unique needs. “I don’t know too many places combining those things,” Bradshaw says.

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