$80,000 on Half An Acre Farming Vegetables – Profitable Mini-Farming with Curtis Stone

Posted on Oct 25 2016 - 8:18pm by UOG

“In this presentation you will learn how small scale farming can be used to create a high-income producing farm or improve your current operation.

See how profitable urban farming works as farmer Curtis Stone shows you how he assembled a multi-locational urban farm that grossed $20,000 in its first year and $55,000 in it’s second.

He’ll describe the design of his farm, equipment used, planting plan and target markets.

Though records are not yet kept on how quickly farms can get in and off the ground, Curtis got his farm up and running and generating income in 6 months, which has to be some sort of record. It certainly gives new meaning to the term “fast food”!

Curtis Stone is the owner/operator of Green City Acres, a commercial urban farm based out of Kelowna, BC.

Farming under an acre of land on a collection of urban plots, Green City Acres grows vegetables for farmers markets, restaurants, and retail outlets.”

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