Vertical Farming: Growing Greens In The Air

Posted on Sep 14 2016 - 1:37pm by UOG

20160912001388_0“Forget sunshine and soil to grow leafy greens and fresh vegetables for health-conscious consumers. A US venture firm is leading a new wave of future agriculture by adopting the latest technology to produce something fresher, safer and more environmentally conscious at the heart of urban spaces.”

Instead of growing food, traditionally with the use of pesticides and water, AeroFarms is producing greenhouse grown, quality, FRESH food all year round with the use of indoor vertical farming.

This company currently produces an incredible amount of edible greens, which are grown stacked vertically in rows that reach all the way to the ceiling of a temperature controlled environment. Nutrients and lighting are also closely monitored. They use “95 percent less water, about 50 percent less fertilizers and zero pesticides.”

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