Urban Agriculture and the New Meaning of “Eating Local”

Posted on Sep 6 2016 - 7:07am by UOG


Many urban farmers are finding themselves at the forefront of a strong movement. Growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in a urban garden or farm has become increasingly popular.   Why are people leaning towards growing more of their own food? Every urban farmer has their reasons but most would agree about environmental costs of farming, needing to get fresh food into poor communities and let’s not forget about the importance of food education and teaching people where food really comes from.

“A staggering number of cities—Austin, Seattle, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago—have all adopted zoning codes, tax breaks, and other financial easements for urban gardens. At the movement’s front edge is the plagued but ever-innovating Detroit, which has so successfully encouraged food production on its 30 square miles of vacant lots that it now claims 1,500 urban gardens. Chicago is home to more than 800; Philadelphia, 450. Not since the victory gardens of the 1940s­—which I admit I have always longed to see, blooming.

To read more about eating local, and rooftop gardening, visit: “Vogue.com

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