Starved by Socialist Policies, Venezuelans Urged to Take Up Urban Farming

Posted on Jul 5 2016 - 4:06pm by UOG

dscf5088“In February, the country launched a Ministry of Urban Farming, tasked with encouraging more home and community gardening and chicken-keeping. Its head, Lorena Freitez, said the push will help bring “food sovereignty” to Venezuelan cities, where both local food production and food imports are down and social unrest is increasing. ”

So now between narrow roads and dilapidated homes, you might just find the unexpected tomato plant or patch of fresh herbs growing.  Neighbors are working together to grow things like root crops, beans, lettuces and leafy greens just to name a few.

Residents of these “slums” are hauling garden soil to balconies, rooftops, basically anywhere they think they can grow a little bit of food.

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