‘Veggielante’ helps folks grow food in small spaces

Posted on Jun 19 2016 - 7:25pm by UOG


James Brady has a passion about urban farming. They call him a “veggielante and a veggie preacher, but that doesn’t stop his proselytizing.” Brady is on a mission to teach school-aged children the benefits of growing their own produce, especially in small and non-traditional spaces.

“Part of your next meal should come from no (more) than 10-15 feet from your kitchen table,” Brady said, “so that means if you’re in an apartment building, you can put a bin like this on your patio or we could design these and put them on a rooftop or blacktop. It doesn’t matter. We can grow in small spaces. You can get food to feed your family, lower your carbon footprint and hopefully contribute to making your family healthier.”

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