Nation’s First Urban Farming School Teaches Kids to Grow and Cook Their Own Food

Posted on Jun 6 2016 - 8:26pm by UOG

urban_school_750_1One San Fransisco school will soon be teaching all about urban farming and the influences it can have on a community. The Golden Bridges School has a new campus planned that “will join indoor and outdoor learning spaces and will have several beneficial and environmentally friendly aspects.”

In the future it will be labeled as the Nation’s First Urban Farming School, although currently the property is simply an urban farm that was started about 6 years ago.  It all began as a dream to turn a small profit and unite a neighborhood.  “Little City Gardens” at 203 Cotter St., sells enough produce to cover farming costs as well as partial incomes for the owner and another gardener. The farm sells produce to local restaurants. Students at Golden Bridges School often help out at the farm.

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