Philly Urban Farmer-Activist Wants all of North Philly to Bloom

Posted on Mar 1 2016 - 7:35pm by UOG

tommy joshua north philly peace park

A decayed Philly neighborhood isn’t discouraging one resident at all.  Tommy Joshua says; “I’m the product of this decayed neighborhood,” Joshua who is 36 years old, said cheerfully. He spent his childhood in the area and still recalls how he and other kids turned “a desolate urban environment into fun” with games like “chase the trash.”

Now as an adult, Joshua is concentrating his energy into urban farming near the North Philly Peace Park. They started by clearing a vacant lot near a housing project and set out to grow herbs and vegetables. They’re even growing apples.

“But things at the park came to a halt in December 2014 when the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) sought to reclaim the land, which it owned, to begin preparing to build new homes there.”

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